Gyártó: Harmony
Cikkszám: Harmony-E-Liquid-Cartridge-100mg-CBD-Mint-1ml
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Harmony E-Liquid Cartridge 100mg CBD Mint 1ml

The E-Liquids of the company Harmony have been developed for use in E-Cigarettes and are known for their unique taste and aroma. The product is tested in independent laboratories to make sure they conform to the laws in each country they are sold. Depending on the size of the package, they contain between 0 and 600 mg of CBD, as well as Terpenes from different plants and fruits. The Harmony E-Liquids also offer a unique vaping experience, since the vapor is released steadily, and the flavors are just amazing! The CBD Cartridge is the easiest way to vaporize the E-Liquids that are produced by Harmony, since the cartridge only must be screwed onto the top of the Harmony E-Cigarettes for it to work. After the Harmony Cartridge is attached, the vaping can begin! This cartridge has 100 mg of CBD and a mint flavor that will relax you while giving you a fresh smell.